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Dated: 1/14/2002
  One of the unique identities of Bhutan is the national dress that men and women wear. Men wear a "Gho" which is almost like a bathrobe that is lifted to the knee and tied on the waist with a beautifully woven belt "Kera". ...
Dated: 1/14/2002
  "Kuzuzangpola" meaning "good health" is the most common way to greet a person. This greeting can be used throughout the day irrespective of whether it is morning, afternoon or evening. There are many ways to address people in ...
Dated: 1/14/2002
  Besides the royal family, the Bhutanese generally do not have family names. Even the married couples are independent of their names. The wife does not adopt the husband's name. Most people have two names, some have three names and some can only have ...





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