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Dated: 1/2/2002
  The area of Bhutan is 46,500 sq. km and the projected population as of 1999 is 657,550. The urban population estimated in the year 2000 is 21%. The population density is 14 persons / sq. km. The birth rate per 1000 population is 39.9 (1994) while ...
Dated: 1/2/2002
  The mining industry in Bhutan is as yet relatively undeveloped because of the priority concerns of its effects on the environment and conservation. Currently, Bhutan has 73% forest coverage and 27% of it, remain protected as national parks. The ...
Dated: 1/2/2002
  According to the Central Statistical Organization in Bhutan in October 2001, the following are the details of Income: GDP in million Nu. is 21,698.00. Per Capita GDP in US$ is 713.00. Average GDP growth (%) is 5.70. Share of Agriculture to GDP is ...





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