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 1) Can I buy solution for soft contact lenses in Thimpu?2) What are the high and low temperatures in Thimpu in November.3) If I am doing business in Bhutan, how should I dress? (I am female)4) Do I need to take Malaria precautions and med

Yes, soft contact lenses can be bought or ordered in Thimphu. However, the variety will be less and quality might differ. The high (max) temperatures in Thimphu during November range from 14-17 degree celcius while the low (Min) temperatures range from 0.6 to 4.0 degree celcius. It is necessary to dress formally to visit the offices while doing business in Bhutan. It is not appropriate to wear shorts or short skirts, jeans and colorful T-shirts. As far as malaria is concerned, we would advise to take the necessary precautionary steps before departing for Bhutan.





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