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Site Map & Credits
Site Credits

The Yangphel Web Site was conceived by Ugyen Rinzin, Brent Olson, Erik Ireland, Erica Balderson, Karma Choden, Karma Lotey and John Jigme Rhodes.

The Yangphel Web Site was created by the erikerica group.

All photos are copyrighted by Brent Olson. Any reuse is by permission only.

Text was written by Karma Choden, Brent Olson, Karma Lotey, and John Jigme.

Many of the thangka close-up photos are from works by Pema Namdol Thaye.

Special thanks to

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All information in this web site is the property of Yangphel Adventure Travel and Travels and may be re-used or reprinted by written permission only.
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