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Photos and Text by Brent Olson

We hope these virtual tours of Bhutan give you a sense of what it might be like to come travel in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. They are not meant to be accurate depictions of any one trip. Enjoy them, and if you have questions or would like to plan a trip , please feel free to use our TripFinder, online trip-planning form, or contact us. For a wider selection of trek, tour, and festival photos please visit our Photo Gallery.

Bhutan's vibrant Buddhist culture is joyously expressed through it's many festivals. From small village ceremonies to the grand "Tsechus" of Paro and Thimphu, the Bhutanese revel in these colorful celebrations. These festivals usually take place over several days and consist of a variety of masked dances performed by monks and laymen.

"Touring" is traveling by vehicle through the Bhutanese countryside, with optional walks and day hikes to visit temples, monasteries and villages.


Treks are basically backpacking trips without the heavy packs. Trekkers carry just a light daypack with the day's essentials while all other gear is transported from camp to camp by pack animals. Nor do trekkers have to fuss with setting up camp and cooking. A well trained staff sets up the tents, prepares the meals and generally takes care almost everything except for the walking! Everything from dining tents to thermarest mattresses and comfortable sleeping bags are provided and First time trekkers are often amazed by the level of creature omforts possible on a well organized trek. With these aspects taken care of, you are left free to enjoy the hike and the spectacular scenery.

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