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Why Yangphel?
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Adventure travel presents the romantic and refreshing opportunity to become temporarily removed from our everyday lives, exchanging regular work and leisure routines for something completely different. To find oneself in a totally alien setting is at the same time thrilling and thought-provoking, daunting and challenging. Globalization is bringing us closer together and providing us the chance to enrich our own lives by becoming more familiar with other peoples and their cultures. And yet we are also reminded of the obstacles and misunderstandings (often accidental) that such enduring diversity can present.

At Yangphel, we see our role as being a trusted intermediary. It is our responsibility both to ensure that our guests receive optimal enjoyment from their stay in Bhutan, and that this is achieved in a way that is sympathetic to our Bhutanese customs and traditions. In an unassuming way we try to encourage common meeting grounds, bringing together individuals from very different backgrounds in a positive spirit of mutual respect and understanding. In our experience such exchanges invariably tend to generate unexpected rewards and lasting memories.

We seek to promote this atmosphere by upholding the following principles:

    Above all else your stay in Bhutan should be a lot of fun. We have a genuine love for our country and it is always a pleasure rediscovering it through the experience of every new guest.

    It is never good to generate unrealistic expectations or let suspicion enter into a relationship. We make no promises to our clients that we cannot implement, and keep the promises that we make.

    Working with some of the most reputed international adventure travel companies, most notably a longstanding relationship with Geographic Expeditions, has taught us the importance of being professional in every aspect of our enterprise.

    Our varied backgrounds from within the country provide us with invaluable local knowledge, and our perspective is continually being enhanced through open-minded interactions with peoples from a host of other cultures.

    We are constantly exploring new opportunities and improving our services to ensure that our clients have access to the most complete, high quality and up-to-date range of options available.
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