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In the eastern Himalayas, wedged between the Indian and Chinese sub-continents, is the small kingdom of Bhutan. Covering about 46,500 square kilometers and with an estimated population of 650,000, the country certainly does not feature prominently in global consciousness. However, for the relatively small number of foreign visitors, Drukyul, the land of the thunder dragon, exudes a special esoteric charm. The kingdom is a fascinating microcosm, its sheltering from the wider world testament to circumstance and independent outlook. Indeed, Bhutan's distinctive character is most evident when interpreted as a small self-enclosed whole, rather than deconstructed into its constituent parts. The cultural and ecological environments are widely hailed as extraordinary, yet such classifications remain overly general to all but those with a specialist interest. A short visit leaves the guest immersed by the totality of this extremely unusual setting. Enduring images tend to be reflected in subtle little instances, particular to each individual, when the contrasting experience of being in Bhutan strikes a special chord within. Tiny yet evocative jewels stimulated by the unique ambiance of a land and its people.

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