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Treks range in difficulty from "easy" to "rigorous". Two factors determine the rating of each trek: average walking time and elevation. Easy treks are usually below 10,000 feet, have not alot of elevation gain or loss and are usually less than six hours of walking per day. Moderate treks usually cross the 10,000' boundary and the days can range up to eight hours of walking. Rigorous treks are those which combine elevations over 15,000'with some good steep, long days on the trail.

All treks in Bhutan include some cultural touring time in addition to the time spent hiking in the back country. If you are trekking out of Paro, you will visit Paro, Thimphu and often Punakha, before or after your trek. If you travel to Central Bhutan for a trek, you will see much more of the countryside as you travel to and from your trek starting point.

Trekking is the ONLY way to truly experience the high mountains of the Bhutanese Himalaya. While touring trips can drive to villages as high as 10,000' above sea level, if you want to walk in the shadow of the highest mountains on Earth, you have to do a trek. Some treks can be very rigorous but most would agree that the rewards are equally to the physical challenge.

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